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Education & Human Studies

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Build a career with a positive impact.

At Champlain, you'll make a difference in the world—years before you graduate—through extensive field opportunities in schools, community nonprofits, government agencies, and other real-world settings.

With a focus on social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice, the majors in the Division of Education & Human Studies attract students who care about others: the born educator, the team player, the activist, the advocate. Graduates of our programs are hired quickly and go on to lead rewarding careers.

Education & Human Studies Majors

BS in Applied Sustainability

Through perspectives of social justice and environmental welfare, you'll learn how to create and maintain sustainable systems for communities and businesses. You'll develop the skills necessary for building a rewarding career that protects people and planet.  

BS in Criminal Justice

This forward-looking major immerses you in the field’s full range of possibilities and covers a spectrum of criminal justice topics, from lab-based forensics to family violence and related systems of social services and support. Learn the fundamental principles needed in all criminal justice professions.

BS in Education

As a student in Champlain's Education major, you'll start spending time in local classrooms in your first year. With support and expert guidance, you'll increase your classroom involvement throughout semesters until you're ready to take the lead. Our holistic approach to teacher education will equip you to teach in a variety of educational settings, and you'll choose a focus for licensure endorsement. A variety of school grades (from early childhood through high school) and subject areas are available; your Faculty Advisor will help you find the perfect academic pathway to your ideal teaching career.

BS in Law

One of only two Bachelor of Arts Law programs in the country, this major provides exceptional versatility after graduation and features courses not usually encountered in undergraduate pre-law or legal studies programs. Each professor teaching Law at Champlain possesses a Juris Doctor degree, and the classes deliver a highly analytical education in subjects such as criminal law, contract law, evidence, civil procedure, legal ethics, and constitutional law.

BS in Psychology

Career-focused and experiential, this eminently practical and diverse major allows you to customize your psychology studies toward specific applications in the professional world. In addition to learning major psychological concepts and techniques, you will also apply your understanding of human behavior to solve real-world problems in varied contexts. Upper level classes include professional and/or research internships to gain invaluable field experience.

BSW in Social Work

Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), this ambitious and broad-based major is grounded in a social justice framework that will prepare you for change efforts with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. You will graduate with the professional knowledge, values, and skills of generalist practice from a local to global perspective, along with over 400 hours of direct field experience gained through your senior internship.

Experienced-Based Learning

In Champlain's Division of Education & Human Studies, you'll start making a difference in your first year—leading change, advocating for others, protecting the environment, and getting involved in the community.

Center for Mediation & Dialogue

Champlain's newest Center of Experience provides mediation, facilitation, and multi-stakeholder consensus-building services and education for Champlain College, the greater 365体育官网 community, the state of Vermont, and beyond. Join the team and help lead change and convene civil conversations on important issues.

Center for Service & Sustainability

The Center for Service & Sustainability works to empower everyone at Champlain to advance social justice and responsible environmental stewardship locally and globally. From taking service-learning courses to modeling environmentally responsible behaviors on campus, there are endless ways to get involved. 

Community Partners & 365体育官网

By engaging with local and global communities and taking on field internships during your four years of college, you can start your work now, develop real-world skills, and make a lasting impact.



The 2021 Fiske Guide to Colleges selected Champlain as one of the "best and most interesting schools" in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.


Champlain was named a "Most Innovative School" by U.S. News & World Report in its "America's Best Colleges" 2021 ranking of universities in the North.


Of 2019 graduates from the Division of Education & Human Studies are either employed or continuing their education within six months after graduating.

Do Good In the World

Students on a service-learning course at 365体育官网's Intervale Center

EHS 365体育官网ature Courses

EHS 365体育官网ature Courses are part of a four-year, innovative experience that leads up to your senior capstone project. Through your coursework, you'll cultivate the ability to see multiple perspectives, examine your assumptions of others, make connections between classroom learning and field experiences, and apply what you've learned to new, complex situations. 

Study Abroad

In addition to our home in Vermont, we have campuses in Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland—plus a mission and curriculum that encourage international study. Many students even intern while they're studying abroad—for instance,  Education students often take advantage of an opportunity to teach while living in Dublin.

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